With this ‘Shor,’ Sachin-Jigar have a lot to live up to!

Who can make Boo!
Boo Boo

The music for Shor in The City is composed by the increasingly popular duo of Sachin-Jigar. Previous credits include F.A.L.T.U. and er…something called Krantiveer. Ok, so their bio-data still needs some steroids to kick the butts of contemporaries like Pritam and Sajid-Wajid, but Shor In The City could very well be that shot in the arm.

The album starts very well. ‘Saibo’ is a treat with Shreya Ghoshal proving why she is one of the top three playback singers today. It’s a duet with Tochi Rainaa adding the other half. It’s a pleasant melody, soft and serene. Even though the hook has a gentle flow, it will snake itself in your head and remain there till you get up the next morning.

‘Karma Is a Bitch’. Yes, that’s the title of the next song and the absolute highlight of the film, and a reflection of how urban Bollywood has become. Even though it’s just April, this one deserves to top year end charts. Sachin-Jigar really got this one right. Yes, the song probably reflects the part of the story of the film, but this one is strong enough to stand up without celluloid crutches. Suraj Jagan kicks it hard in this one and nails the perfect vibe. Priya and Swati add more fun to the party and this guitar-heavy rocker can put a smile on the face of any pessimist. Play it loud and then play it again. Out of the blue, Sachin-Jigar have a lot to live up to now.

Agnee singer Mohan comes in next on ‘Shor’. It’s a drastic change from the ‘Karma is a Bitch’ explosion. Sounds a bit like Rahman especially just when he comes in but that’s just a fleeting resemblance. The song is somehow traditional and edgy at the same time and more credit to S-J again. The whispery underlay to the main singing is a nice touch and the “shor mein hain sukoon” line manages to anchor the song.

’Deem Deem Tana’ has a great gimmick working for it. It has Sanskrit lines that are said almost like a rap and the “fun” element is in high gear again. The song also demonstrates the pace of the film as it is quite frantic in its journey. Shriram Iyer gives the vocal and he sounds great on the opening lines.

Shor In The City is a great primer for the film, since it has been released three weeks before the film. The songs are strong enough to make you want to go to the movie and that’s really much more than what is expected from it. I only hope that TV and radio figure this one out because this is one heck of a ‘shor’ that should be heard in every city.

Now to change that Bio-data…

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