X-factor auditions, a complete laugh-riot

This promises to be an entertaining show. The opening episode of X-Factor, India was a highly hilarious affair. No, it is clearly not meant to be a comic act but it turned into a comedy circus of sorts thanks to some over ambitious small town wannabes desperately seeking their five minutes of fame. The judges — Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal and Sanjay Leela Bhansali were in splits after the first act. The young man was unwittingly funny as he projected himself as a Tees Maar Khan from Nagpur. There was certainly nothing remotely outstanding about his act, but yes he sure was a Tees Maar Khan in terms of attitude. However his weak voice and pathetic dancing attempts earned him an instant “No” from Sonu and Shreya while Sanjay confessed to being “speechless.”

The first round of auditions was held in Mumbai and the judges will obviously travel across the country in search of talented singers. While the concept appears to be very similar to that of Indian Idol, the focus here is not on age, individuals or good looks. You could be old, sing in groups or even perform solo. It is the final act that matters as the judges will be looking for that special X-factor. The selected participants will then be divided into groups of three, each of whom will be mentored by the judges. Aditya Narayan returns as the anchor and Sonu Nigam regales audiences with his mesmerising voice.

Sonu clearly loves the spotlight and the adulation that comes his way. So, when a young lady wants to sing Suraj Hua Madham along with him, he willingly obliges. Next, a young man does a fabulous rendition of Zoobie doobie in both the male and female voice. An impressed Sonu walks upto the stage and just when you expect him to congratulate the participant; he breaks into the same song, to prove who has the master voice.

Shreya has certainly gone in for a glamorous make over. She looked rather stunning in her bright red dress although it did seem a tad over dressy for an audition round. But the sweet Shreya kept giggling all through the show and constantly exchanged notes with Sonu. Sanjay appeared relatively sober and would rarely break into a smile. He sure needs to chill out a little more. All in all, this show is an entertainer at least going by its first episode proving that nothing works better than a maasaledaar singing show!

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