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Vishal Srivastava an auto rickshaw driver, a trained classical singer from a humble family in Delhi came to Mumbai with just one dream… to educate his wife and become a singer. Vishal who never got any support from his family as far as music was concerned, was insistent that one day he will make it big and surmount his dreams.

His perseverance and pure dedication helped him make his way and put up an exemplary performance in the presence of seasoned singers Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal and ace director Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Vishal’s moving performance left the three judges surprised and speechless. An emotional Sonu said, “If I would have been in your place, I wouldn’t have been able to give such a performance like you did. Your dream for your wife will get fulfilled”.

63 years old professional orchestra singer Rajendra Ghadvi has been singing for the last 40 years. An avid fan of Mohammed Rafi, auditioning for the first time, he entertained all the judges with a mind blowing performance on the very popular ‘Tarif karoon kya uski’ and took away all the praises.

A combination of great enthusiasm and zeal to do something big in his life supported Mr. Gadhvi to chase his dreams and come all the way without informing his family about this! First audition ever – Rajendra’s performance left all astounded and he received a standing ovation from Judge Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Bhansali said, “You have been singing for the last forty years.

It has been a loss for the industry.” Shreya was suitably impressed with his energy at this age. Sonu a big fan of Rafi Saab himself got nostalgic and told him to focus on training and pursue his dreams.

Another amazing performance came from the Taj group, a duo comprising of two friends 68 year old retired government employee Kartar Singh and 59 year old Shobhi a professor from Agra. It was surely a dream come true for the Taj group when Shreya told them, “You have a lot of ‘shokhi, sur and romance in your voice… Dil abhi bhara nahi.” Kartar who never got any encouragement from his family whenever he told them that he wanted to do something in life as a singer was floored when Sanjay Leela Bhansali  praised him and mentioned, “Jitna Khoobsurat Taj hai, utni hi khoobsurat apki awaz”.  There is no turning back for these two who are determined to take the crown away.

That is not all, rigid hard work and willpower can take you where you want to be and this was proven right by the ‘Soul of Punjab’, a group of nine members each distinct from the other with one common bond, there passion for music.

The group put up a brilliant performance and got accolades from the judges. Shreya was so impressed with them, she heaped praises and commented, ‘Itne auditions mein ye pehla dil se kiya hua performance tha, agar aaj decide karna hota toh main aaj hi aapko apne group mein le leti.’ The judges felt that it was a performance that came from their ‘soul’.

This is just a small peep into the Xceptional talent you will get to see in the show, as many more Xceptional singers each with a unique talent are waiting to come and entertain you only on X Factor India.

X Factor is the big daddy of all reality shows in scale and size, with versions in 24 countries and a unique format, which allows every contestant over the age of sixteen to enter the auditions. Divided in three categories 16-25 years, above 25 years and individual groups, unlike other reality shows, X factor is about providing bigger dimensions and bigger scope to all such people who dare to dream BIG and have been waiting for their dreams to come full circle! The panel of judges consists of the Xtraordinary trio, the dynamic Sonu Nigam a multitalented singer and an icon to millions of music lovers, the melodious, Shreya Ghosal along with the celebrated ace director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Singer and anchor Aditya Narayan will host the show.

So get ready to witness people come with their beautiful dreams in the show and see all those beautiful dreams gett fulfilled…as the biggest singing reality show X factor India is all set to hit Indian television screens on 29th May 2011.


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